Record Medical Surgery Notes with STONE Serial LCD Screen

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the WeChat applet is based on JavaScript and the STONE serial LCD screen project is based on an Arduino ESP32 environment.


Record Medical Surgery Notes project is first based on a private WeChat cloud development applet for surgeons.

Tencent provides 5GB of free cloud storage for WeChat cloud development applets, enough for the average user’s personal accounts needs, and cloud storage again has the feature of easy access anytime, anywhere, as long as there is wifi and traffic, pick up your phone, open WeChat, you can call your own applet to access, query and count your private data.

Through the time period query function provided in the applet, you can easily and quickly query the number of surgeries in a certain year or month. Through the comprehensive query and statistics function of the applet, you can input different “keywords” to count the number of surgeries in a certain hospital, a certain part of the stone, a certain technique of treating the stone, and other specific descriptions.

In the operating room, we would be better suited to use the STONE touch serial LCD screen, which provides a more secure and reliable display and control interface for medical devices. Record Medical Surgery Notes

If we want to enter these surgical contents in the operating room, the model and parameters of the surgical equipment are certainly easier to get, even from the system through sharing, more accurate, and save the secondary entry, of course, such a function needs to be planned in the pre-equipment, here I demonstrate this WeChat applet function through the STONE serial LCD screen (no database and cloud storage involved).

Readers interested can also Further through the Bluetooth pairing, to achieve the system and mobile phone data sharing, to complete the local data cloud storage, and cloud data download to the local, through the Bluetooth can also achieve mobile phone to STONE serial LCD screen control, and screen to mobile phone end of the feedback, etc.

The WeChat applet is based on JavaScript and the STONE serial LCD screen project is based on an Arduino ESP32 environment.

The STONE interface physician surgery note item record will be expanded as follows.


  • HMI and control creation instructions
  • Interface Download
  • Hardware connection and command testing
  • debugging code
  • Appendix: Table of ASCII codes