Don't run behind Time – Time Management

Sometimes we all wish that our day should be longer, our messed up work schedule and time of leisure are just swiping with stress.

Sometimes we all wish that our day should be longer, our messed up work schedule and time of leisure are just swiping with stress. How can some people be so tremendous with their life and work balance?  They are working, enjoying holidays, family time, and studying. Multi-tasking their expertise or do they just have some kind of superpower? notwithstanding that we all have 24 hours in a day, some people just seem to have more success at organizing their schedules and accomplishing tasks.


Most of us run behind time, it happens when you switch your older lifestyle to adapt new one, Dr. Sara Perry, an associate professor at Baylor University has addressed stress and time management, and these few other researchers present methods for managing time and information to students who are new to college.


The professor elaborated on her idea to utilize every second of your 24 hours. "I generally encourage settling written down at the essay writing help victoria beginning of the week and checking through whatever is due, what is coming up, scheduling what you need to get done by when, and very much putting everything into your timetable,"

She further explains how can we Complete tasks with full concentration "Segmented it down into portions, get it on your planner, then you'll have a plan."


Some theories regarding time management Parkinson's Principle


One of the most prominent theories of time management called Parkinson's Law, states that working in time limit or reducing time can be a good thing to achieve faster results. Take the example of your home assignments it takes 15 days to write 1000 words essay, although 3 hours during the exam can be enough for 1500 words.

It means that if you want to beat the clock your productivity increases.


Alan Lakein a prominent author developed the ABC strategy it is quite a simple way to create your to-do list. We often make to-do lists and do not consider the essay writing help victoria significance of each task. With this method, you have to put everything under a category of the most important, important, or less important to approach according to significance. For example if you have a deadline tomorrow you put your work in the category of most important.


Pareto Principle talks about the most vital rule which is the 80/20 rule.

It was developed by a notable economist. It is a very great rule which talks about how 20% of your efforts can generate 80% of results. Although if you can minimize your 20% disruption your productivity can reach the level of 80%.

If you are not able to complete your last assignment just eliminate the one episode of the series that can contribute to the completion of your assignment.


The method of Pomodoro talks about a path of full concentration and immersion in your work for 25 minutes then taking small breaks will eventually give you a sufficient result. Before your exam or important work, you can test this method of concentration.




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