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Nova Media NYC - We Presenting Virtual Reality creation services for your website, App and Game, Create a metaverse world, Build Custom VR prototypes with us, and Build your own virtual worlds.

Virtual Reality Software

Custom 3D worlds metaverse development

Build Metaverse Worlds

Anything you Envision.

From playing shows on the moon, to concentrating on life systems inside the human body.

Computer generated Reality vows to democratize insight as the web democratized data.

Decide possibility of your thought, which innovations may be utilized, a timetable and cost of creation. Utilize this meeting to choose how to push your task ahead.

A 3D computerized metaverse is the following significant market outskirts.

Prepared to assemble something in 3D?

Hand craft Determination

A thorough report to convey a potential plan, innovations and creation. This incorporates costs, work, hours, hardware and other potential costs.

We address research, methodology, innovative vision, plan choices, advances, structures, distributing choices and monetary attainability.

How Does VR Function?

Computer generated Reality [XR] is made inside a "game motor" which is a product for creating 3D universes with characters, targets, rules and storylines. These motors power the computer game industry and Hollywood embellishments. A creation comprises of: Thought Exploration Plan Particular Specialized Improvement Testing Refinement Organization and Distribution Circulation and Advancement.

Al Mafqud

Computer generated Reality Film Trailer

Meet Gaz, in his old neighborhood: Shengal, Iraq.

This VR acquaints you with the characters, setting and story of an unlimited narrative film. VR projects are a strong method for expanding interest and commitment with a film before it is even seen. Use VR to draw in your film crowd, while learning the nuts and bolts of virtual creation and game motor turn of events.