Latest design Slitting Machine

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Latest design Slitting MachineLatest design Slitting MachineLatest design Slitting MachineLatest design Slitting Machine

Latest design Slitting Machine Introduction Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine is a kind of equipment for cutting wide and large rolls of paper, film, labels, and laminated paper into small and wide rolls. In addition to ordinary paper, it can also process non-woven fabrics, leather, felt, pearl cotton, and other materials. Moreover, the paper rolls processed by the paper roll machine are often not neat enough, and there will be some problems, so they cannot be directly used for printing and other processing. Our equipment can play a role in finishing. The rough edges of raw material can be removed, and the width and roll diameter can be precisely controlled. Features The Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine uses a powerful and stable copper core motor for longer life. The independent intelligent operating system and fully automatic production process make the operation of the machine easier and easier to use. The photoelectric correction system can realize the precise cutting of the materials. Our Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine is available in various models, you can choose the machine with different maximum unwinding diameters. ModelWZMF-A-1100AWZMF-A-1300WZMF-A-1600 Max.Width of Unwinding1100mm1300mm1600mm Max.Diameter of Unwinding脴1400mm脴1400mm脴1400mm Max.Diameter of Rewinding脴1000mm脴1000mm脴1000mm Minimum.Slitting Width30mm30mm30mm Stable Working Speed260meter per minutes260meter per minutes260meter per minutes Max.Slitting Speed350meter per minutes350meter per minutes350meter per minutes Total Power20KW20KW27KW Machine Weight3200KG3500KG3800KG Machine Size3300*2650*1900mm3300*2850*1900mm3300*3150*1900mmLatest design Slitting Machine website: