Pipe Fittings suppliers

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Pipe Fittings suppliersPipe Fittings suppliersPipe Fittings suppliers

Pipe Fittings suppliers BRASS ELBOW FITTINGS Brass elbow fittings is made by brass material (HPB57-3). Bend is a common connection type of pipe fittings in plumbing installation, used for the connection of the pipe bend, used to change the direction of the pipe. Other names: 90掳 elbow, right corner bend, love and bend, stamping elbow, pressing elbow, mechanism elbow, welding elbow, etc. Use: Connect two nominal pipes with the same or different diameter to make the pipe turn of 90掳, 45掳, 180掳 and various degrees Advantages of brass elbow fittings 1. High heat transfer coefficient, which is because of the high flow rate, turbulence, and a thorough countercurrent; 2. The equipment component required for unit heat transfer is small; 3. Good compensation for temperature deformation. Product Specification Product Parameter SIZE: 1/2", 3/4", 1" Material: Brass Field of Application: WATER-OIL-GAS Working pressure: 20-40Bar/200--400 Psi Connection: Female-Female, Working Temperature: -20鈩?to 120 鈩?/p Brass material (Hpb57-3) chemical composition Cu Pb Fe Sn Al Ni Mn 57.40672.47950.85520.76020.09850.34130.0404 Si Zn As Bi Ag Cr Sb 0.131237.81580.00070.0010.02480.00520.0255 Co Mg P S Ti V In 0.00210.00020.00010.00020.00010.00010.0002 Mo Nb Zr W Hg 0.00010.00010.00020.00010.0001 Certificate Quality Control Production Room Assemble line and Packing line Office Room Factory Gate And Warehouse RoomPipe Fittings suppliers website:http://www.bote-valves.com/fittings/pipe-fittings/