Best Zinc Plating Services in Guelph

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At Excel Plating we have extensive experience in providing metal finishing services to Aerospace, Military and Automotive industry. Excel Plating also has high speed, wide stock plating capabilities offering finishes in anodizing, hot black oxide, nickel, zinc and tin plating.

Zinc Plating is an electroplating process where a thin layer of zinc is deposited onto a metal surface. Like electroless Nickel plating, Zinc plating is used to increase the corrosion resistance ability of metals. But unlike ENP, Zinc plating does require an electric current.

 The protective layer on the metal surface prevents rust and corrosion of metals while also enhancing their aesthetic appeal with a metallic shine.

 At Excel Plating, we offer superior Zinc plating services to increase the life of metal components. Our industry-leading processes are a result of decades of our experience in the electroplating industry. We're proud to deliver our premium zinc plating services to clients around Guelph. With the right mix of cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment, we ensure that our services are delivered with the highest standards.

 Our Zinc Plating Services

Excel Plating offers its zinc coating services in Guelph to meet the needs of clients. Our Zinc plating services include:

  • Rack Zinc Plating

Small and medium parts hung on a rack and dipped into a solution of zinc plating.

  • Barrel Zinc Plating

Our barrel Zinc plating is suitable for small layers in large quantities. The process involves the parts being placed in a barrel and tumbled into a zinc plating solution.

  • Passivation

A pretreatment process to remove free iron from the surface for proper adhesion of zinc plating.

  • Wire Zinc Plating

We can wire small parts for rack or barrel plating.

  • Zinc Plating on Steel

Zinc plating on steel gives added protection against wear and tear and corrosion.


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